Fingerprint Charms

Fingerprint charms are a great for those who have multiple children or grandchildren, and also allows the fingerprint to be the main focus of the piece! The first charm is only $24. Any additional charms are $18 each.   7 inch silver filled charm bracelets are available for only $16. Add fingerprint charms onto your Pandora style bracelet for only $5 plus the cost of the charm. The possibilities are endless!

Pandora-style fingerprint charms

Fingerprint Charm dangling from Flower Charm with Impressed Initial  Fingerprint Charm (Jump Ring Not Shown)Fingerprint Charm with Flower Charm & Impressed Initials  Fingerprint Charms dangling from Oval Hammered Link Fingerprint Charms with Impressed Initials with Circle Hammered Link Fingerprint Charm dangling from Circle Charm with Impressed Initial and Scroll Link   Fingerprint Charms dangling from Flower Pendant; Single Flower Texture & Impressed Initial Heart Charm with Impressed Name ~ $40  Charm Bracelet with Fingerprint and Initials/Birthdate Charm Fingerprint Charm with Impressed Initial and Hammered Oval Link

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